How Alexa Traffic Rank Works ?

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         How Alexa Traffic Rank Works ?

Since starting at 50s decade where is the Internet’s birth, till present the World Wide Web (WWW) was evolved drastically and yet is evolving rapidly. The competition of the internet was started at 1990s, because many people tried to do a different thing using the Internet. As a result of these efforts, today PayPal, Skype, Social Networking and many inventions were built based Internet. At present web design and blogging have become popular virally. According to Pingdom statistics,When December 2012,there were 634 million websites in the world. If you devoted one minute per visiting a website, you have to dedicate 73,379.6 days for viewing these all websites. Almost 203 years!
In this phase people wanted to know what’re the top websites in the world. In other word, they wanted to rank website and weblogs as the decreasing the popularity.  There are so many metrics to measure the rank of a website such as Google page rank, Mozrank, WOT score, complete rank, Quantast rank and also Alexa rank. Among these website ranking metrics, Alexa rank gets an important position between webmasters and advertisers.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank ?

alexaAccording to Wikipedia, Alexa Internet is a California based subsidiary company of and it was founded as an independent company in 1996 and was acquired by Amazon in 1999. Alexa’s traffic estimates are based on their Global traffic panel. The Alexa global traffic panel consists millions of internet users who are using one of 25,000 different browser extensions. The rank of a website is calculated using a combination of estimated daily unique visitors to the site and estimates number of page views over past 3 months. To get a good result about a website like geography, demography that domain must be at least 3 months old. When approaching to the website domain, Alexa regards that non-hosted domains such as, and as a same domain name which is known root domain name. Here in this instance’s root domain name is So whenever you search for the Alexa stats of a domain like, it renders the Alexa traffic rank statistics of including but except of sub domains like,, feedburner,, and besides ,, etc. Though for personal homepages and other hosted sites, for example,,, the Alexa rank is calculated seperately. The website which has the most page views with unique visitors compared to global page views and unique visitors is considered as the top of websites as Alexa rank list. Here are the top 10 websites as Alexa rank.
There is also country based Alexa traffic rank which is quite different than the global Alexa rank. Your website could rank in your country’s Alexa listing in high position. But it couldn't rank in globally in that place. For an example, Baidu is ranked in the top in China than Google. But in globally Google currently holds first place as Alexa metrics. Country specific domains get higher Google’s rank and also Alexa, since by ranking top of SERPs, they could receive good local traffic.

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Why Alexa Rank is Important?

The most importance of Alexa rank is precious, since some reasons. Websites with good Alexa rank are concerned as they get massive traffic and have good advertising opportunities. I don’t think that Alexa traffic matters for search engine ranking so much. But However Alexa rank discloses the website’s authority and quality (reviews, backlinks etc.). Alexa traffic stats reveal some information about the website like bounce rate, time per visit, page views per visitor, geography, demography, top keywords, Alexa backlinks, advertising opportunities, keyword impacts and much more. This information is very helpful for advertisers to determine about the website. That’s why BuysellAds asks for good Alexa rank before the applying for publishing the ads. Many webmasters don’t display a traffic rank statistics badge or traffic monitoring tool on their websites. So one of the best methods to know about any website’s or blog’s traffic status is look the information at Alexa, which is viewable to everyone. That’s why the Alexa website is viewed by over 3.5 million people monthly.

How Alexa Traffic rank works?

As I mentioned in above, global traffic panel helps to increase or decrease the Alexa traffic rank. In the past, it was easier to boost the Alexa rank like using software, cloaking etc. But today it’s quite hard to get good Alexa rank without any effort.  Websites with the 100,000 or below are considered that they’re keeping the sites up-to-date. Sites with 50,000 or below Alexa rank listing are receiving good traffic. Also 10,000 or below of 10,000 Alexa rank means they receive good traffic from search engines, which means they have quality content and sites are updating regularly. The sites of 1000 or below as Alexa traffic rank are the best of the crop.

Alexa Toolbar

The Alexa toolbar is for browsers, in which users can find the information of particular site they’re visiting and other information like similar sites. Basically Alexa Internet Inc. collects data from these toolbars and extensions which are widely used by people to rank the websites. But today they use other third party data for website ranking. Alexa tool bar works on IE, Chrome and Firefox as well. You can install Alexa toolbar for your browser here or can use customized Alexa tool from this link.

Alexa Traffic Rank no data

The newly established site’s Alexa traffic rank is N/A or showing as “No Data”, which means Alexa didn’t collect the website’s traffic reports and other aspects like backlinks, keywords etc. Also whenever you have changed your domain, this also would be converted to “Alexa Traffic Rank no data”. But the Alexa backlinks are remaining as well. As you redirect your traffic to new domain/custom domain, Alexa couldn’t receive any data regarding to the sub domain.
As Alexa disclaimer, the sites which get less than 1000 monthly visitors, it’s difficult to accurately determine the ranking of a website. Also traffic ranking 100,000 or above are regarded as rough estimates. So more increasing your Alexa traffic rank means, it is easy to estimate accurate information of your website.

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Alexa rank is extremely today’s very popular metric to measure the website rank. Many people say that Alexa traffic rank information is incorrect. The percentage of this is actually fifty-fifty. Because of some webmasters and bloggers use the wrong tactics to increase the Alexa rank. Increase Alexa rank and Improving Alexa rank are different, if they’re looking similar.  You would try to improve the Alexa rank by using White Hat methods. When your Alexa rank is increasing, traffic status also will be more accurate. So check out how Google’s traffic stats shows as Alexa metrics. If you think to attract more advertisers without paying your attention to get a good Alexa rank, you’re in a wrong way. Because many advertisers check your website’s Alexa listing before finding the Page rank. They know that you would use the nofollow tag for advertising links. So they want to know your website traffic sources, keywords, reputation, advertising impact, US, UK and Canada visitors and their age levels etc. I don’t mind that they would deal with your site to advertise if your site is yet above one million.
Alexa rank could also be a reason to lose the advertising chances of your website. Conversely, It could be reasonable to attract more advertisers from your competitors and seriously more guest bloggers.
Now it’s your turn, let me know what’s the Alexa rank of your website, blog?  Do you think Alexa traffic  rank as a good website measure ?
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